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FAQs about criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles
June 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
FAQs about criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles

No matter how big or small, it can be a scary experience being accused of a crime. There are a lot of unknowns that are coming your way so it’s nice to have some answers going into your legal proceedings. At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we want to help you feel as comfortable as possible during the process, so we’ve put together answers to a few commonly asked questions about what criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles. Keep reading to learn more.

What can I expect from a good criminal defense lawyer?

First and foremost, a good criminal defense lawyer is thorough. This means that your defense team will gather as much information as possible to gain a strong understanding of your situation. While there have been other cases similar to yours, it’s likely that yours is unique to your situation. We’ll take into account any and all circumstances surrounding your case. If possible, our team will try to work with the prosecution to avoid going to court. Although, should it be necessary to go in front of a judge and jury, we’ll put forth our best efforts to compile a compelling case for the court.

Can I represent myself?

It is your constitutional right to represent yourself in court. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea even if you feel you’re innocent in an open-and-shut case. A criminal defense lawyer will help you identify exactly what exactly it is that makes you innocent of the charges that have been filed against you. Without the guidance of a lawyer, you risk potentially incriminating yourself without realizing what you’ve done. In contrast, if you’re certainly guilty of the crime, your defense attorney can help to negotiate a lesser penalty than what is proposed by the prosecution.

Should I speak with anybody about my case without my lawyer present?

Again, it is your right to speak with anyone you want about your criminal case, but it’s advised that you speak only with your lawyer regarding the case. This is important to keep in mind because you could divulge critical information about your defense that could be used against you. This is especially true when speaking with the arresting officers. It’s recommended that you don’t speak to any form of law enforcement with a lawyer present.

Can you fight forensic evidence?

Contrary to what you might have seen on crime documentaries and shows on TV, you can fight forensic evidence. From the method of gathering evidence to the reliability of specific testing, there are a number of ways your criminal defense attorney can challenge forensic evidence. We understand that this can be a major step in fighting your case and it’s not something that will be ruled out when putting together your defense.

Should I hire an attorney for white-collar crimes?

No matter the level of the crime you’ve committed, it’s best to have an attorney by your side through the process. Your lawyer can help you to make sure that you don’t say anything that might incriminate you and thereby make you ineligible for a lesser penalty. As a basic rule of thumb, if you’re facing criminal charges, hire a criminal defense lawyer.

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If you’re searching for assistance with your legal issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we’re experienced criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles who can help fight your case for you. We’ll fight to get you the best possible results in your case. Give us a call at 949-343-9735 or send us a message. Please do not submit sensitive legal information through our contact form, we’ll discuss it when we meet.