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About Mishra X Trial Lawyers

Offering trusted—and creative—legal representation in Southern California

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World-class litigators with expertise you can trust

Mishra X Trial Lawyers has a ton of experience pursuing state workers’ compensation claims against employers and their insurance companies. This Southern California law firm seeks to use its unparalleled industry insight to aggresively fight on behalf of injured workers who are seeking compensation for their work-related injuries—and extracting far better value than prevalent in the market for those injuries.

With its technology-savvy attorneys, including one who has worked in the chambers of two federal judges, the firm is also uniquely qualified to assist individuals defend their constitutional rights against federal criminal charges.

Our team will provide highly skilled legal representation to fully protect your rights so you can rest easy that everything that could have been done—and more—was done on your case.

We have the experience and passion to successfully argue your case.

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