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An Introduction to Mishra X Trial Lawyers
March 30, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Introducing Mishra X LLP, Trial Lawyers for San Diego County bankruptcy, criminal litigation, and workers' comp cases.

Mishra X Trial Lawyers combines vast, diverse legal experience and cross-discipline expertise to provide world-class legal representation.

Our practice areas, for which we offer services all over Southern California, include workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, and federal criminal defense.

We’ve built a reputation for excellence on the foundation of our successful track record, together with our strong passion and determination to facilitate the best possible outcome for our clients.

Discover more about Mishra X Trial Lawyers and what makes us a uniquely capable law firm.

Workers’ compensation

After years of defending employers and insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases, we now provide legal representation to injured employees.

Because we’ve been on their side, we understand how insurance companies will attempt to weaken your claim. And we know how to devise legal strategies that can not only sustain their attacks, but make it clear that you’re rightfully owed compensation.

We’ll help you get a fair settlement offer. And if the offer’s too low or your employer won’t admit negligence, we’re ready to litigate.

Mishra X Trial Lawyers also handles workers comp cases for dependents seeking to file a death claim. That’s in addition to our other specialties within this legal area, cases involving head injuries and catastrophic injuries.

We take workers comp cases on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay anything until we’ve reached an appropriate settlement or you’ve been awarded your compensation in court.


If you’ve fallen into severe financial difficulties and you can no longer meet your obligations to creditors, we can help you file for bankruptcy.

We’ll assess your finances and advise you on, first of all, whether bankruptcy is truly the right course of action.

If it is, we can help you decide which type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, is the most appropriate fit for your circumstances.

Our assessment factors in your assets, liabilities, and current income. This also helps us effectively demonstrate that you’re unable to service your debts.

From there, our lawyers guide you through the entire process, advising and representing you until your debts are discharged.

Given how stressful this process can be, we make it easier by letting you know our fees early. We do this at the very start of our working relationship with you, during the initial consultation.

Federal criminal defense

For federal criminal defense, we specialize in cases involving computers, the internet, and cybercrime.

That’s in line with our extensive background in computer science, which gives us crucial insight into the technical elements of the cases we handle. This, in turn, makes it possible for us to defend our clients with a high-level understanding of the circumstances of their case.

After learning the facts of your case and all mitigating factors, we develop a comprehensive strategy that places you in the best position possible for all legal proceedings and your eventual trial.

As with our bankruptcy cases, you get a clear quote during the initial consultation.

Schedule a free consultation with Mishra X Trial Lawyers today

If you’re a worker who’s been injured because of your employer’s negligence, someone who’s now unable to pay their debts and the continually growing interest, or a defendant in a federal criminal case involving cybercrime, we’re the right legal experts to help you. We serve clients throughout Southern California. Get the legal representation you need. Schedule a free consultation with us today.