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5 reasons to work with Mishra X Trial Lawyers as your federal criminal defense law firm
May 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 reasons to work with Mishra X Trial Lawyers as your federal criminal defense law firm

If you’re in legal trouble and need representation, it’s important that you find the right lawyers to fight your case for you. You want lawyers who are experienced, understand local federal courts, and are positively viewed by the judges. At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, that’s who we are. Keep reading for four reasons why Mishra X Trial Lawyers is a great choice for a federal criminal defense law firm.

We're experienced

At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we have vast experience in dealing with federal criminal law and procedure that includes working in the chambers of two federal judges. Pushkal Mishra served in both the US District Court for the Central District of California and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He’s an expert in federal criminal defense law and will work tirelessly to put together the best defense for you according to your individual case.

We're local

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to find a lawyer who’s local to the area where you’re being tried. Judges and courts are all unique to their areas so knowing how to navigate each takes experience. While all judges are to be neutral politically, they all have their tendencies. Our law firm is local to Southern California so we have experience working in local courthouses, so we’re familiar with the leanings of local judges and know how to handle courthouse proceedings in the area. This allows us to make you feel more comfortable during your court dealings so that we can all focus more on your case rather than the unimportant minutia.

We have good reviews and references

It’s important to feel comfortable with any attorney you choose to work with. You can get a good idea of what someone is like by reading reviews and speaking with references. We have positive reviews from past clients that will give you peace of mind when approaching our federal criminal defense law firm. At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we have positive reviews on that speak directly to you as the client to let you know that we have your best interests in mind. If you'd like to speak with references, we have them available upon request.

We offer a free consultation

We want to make you as comfortable as possible as we work hard to put together a quality defense. Part of this is building trust with you as our client. We’ll meet with you free of charge to let you tell us about the charges that you’re facing. Our team understands that you might feel overwhelmed at what’s to come with a criminal trial. We will talk to you about your individual case and let you know how we plan to help fight for your rights that are protected by the US constitution.

We're confident

Why would you choose an attorney who doesn’t believe in themself? You wouldn’t! At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we’re confident that we have the experience necessary to present your case and fight for your rights. After having worked with two federal judges, we’re uniquely qualified to defend against federal criminal charges. We’ll represent you with a strong defense to a judge and jury in Southern California.

Contact us for more

If you need legal representation, get in touch with Mishra X Trial Lawyers criminal defense law firm today. Our attorneys will work hard to fight for your rights. Call us today at 949-343-9735. You can also send an email to or use our contact form. We look forward to defending you and your constitutional rights.