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4 benefits of working with Mishra X Trial Lawyers as your federal criminal defense law firm
August 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
4 benefits of work with Mishra X Trial Lawyers as your criminal defense law firm

If you or a loved one has recently been charged with a federal crime or is under investigation, you need to find legal representation right away. The feelings that come with charges or even an investigation can seem overwhelming at times and lead to high levels of stress. With the help of our team at Mishra X Trial Lawyers as your criminal defense law firm, we can help you put together a strong defense. If you’re not sure why we believe Mishra X Trial Lawyers is your best choice for a defense team, we have a short guide with four benefits of working with our team.


Our team is experienced in working in federal courts and has even spent time working in the chambers of two federal judges. This has provided us with a unique perspective regarding the defense process and how to approach a judge. You’ll see that we can quickly read a judge to find out some of their tendencies, leanings, and preferences when managing a case. This experience has provided us with the tools we need to put together a more effective argument in your defense.


When you’re being investigated for or charged with a federal crime, there are a lot of ways that your legal team can address the situation. At Mishra X Trial Lawyers, we’ll work with you to put together the best possible defense. Furthermore, we can provide you with advice regarding how to address investigators and the coming steps in the process. We have a vast knowledge that has come with years working in federal courts and can help you during this difficult time.

Passion for justice

One of the tenets of the US Constitution is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion often sees things in the opposite light. When you work with our team, you can be confident that we’ll treat you the way you should be. We’re passionate that justice is served to each and every one of our clients. Whether this means proving that you’re innocent or helping you reach a deal for a less severe charge, we're here to fight on your behalf.

Specialized defense

In a digital world, there’s plenty of places where any of us can be charged with a crime. Our team of attorneys at Mishra X Trial Lawyers specializes in federal cases that are rooted in computers, the internet, and cybercrimes. We’re proud to be a tech-savvy criminal defense law firm that has your back in these specialized cases. Many lawyers and firms that have been around for decades can be out of touch with today’s technology. We pride ourselves in our forward-thinking and our ability to fight for our clients in the situation where they’ve been accused of a crime in the digital space.

Schedule a consultation

Get to know our team better so Mishra X Trial Lawyers can be your criminal defense law firm. We understand that there’s a lot that goes into putting together a strong defense for federal crimes, so we offer a free consultation to hear your side of the story. Give us a call at 949-343-9735 or send a message using our contact form. We ask that you don’t send sensitive information through our email form as we have not established an attorney-client relationship. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your defense.